Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 8/30 with photos

We’ve had several good days in the NICU as both boys have done well.

Aiden has been weaned down to a nasal CPAP and has stayed steady the last few days in the low twenties. His feedings have been resumed and picked back up to 22mL of 30 cal/oz milk mix every 3 hours. His weight today was 1160 grams, which is a tad over two and half pounds.

Evan has oxygen needs have stayed in the 45%-55% range over the last several days. He does not seem to be having as many apnea spells as he has been earlier in the week which is good. His color has been considerably better since last Tuesday when he looked very pale. They think he has had a urinary tract infection which may explain his color. Evan was placed on antibiotics to treat the infection and an ultrasound has been ordered to check his kidney anatomy just to make sure there is nothing more severe than a UTI. His feedings are currently at 24mL of 30 cal/oz milk mix every 3 hours and his weight has started to move up a little to 1130 grams today.

It’s been nice to be able to relax a little bit the last few days as the boys have both done well. Once again, thank you to everyone for lifting our boys up in prayer.
Here are a few pictures of the boys from the last week.

Aiden recovering from surgery on Wednesday. (32 days old)

Evan getting some sleep. That’s David’s wedding band around his left hand.

Evan is in the incubator under the blanket on the right and Aiden is in the radiated warmer bed next to him. They will be putting Aiden back into an incubator soon which is too bad for us as we have really enjoyed being able to interact with Aiden up close.

Aiden was placed back on his CPAP on Wednesday. He loves to suck on his pacifier.

We took this picture to compare Aiden’s current size with one of his premie size outfits he’ll be wearing before too long. He has a little bit of growing to do yet.

We have been able to start doing kangaroo care with both of the boys. Here is Aiden looking surprised to see daddy.

Here’s Evan snuggled up with mommy.


  1. David - I think Aiden looks like you!

  2. It's SO good to see that you guys get kangaroo time with Aidena and Evan again. What a special time that must be for all of you! Thanks for posting. Mark and I hope we can see the boys over Labor Day weekend. Love and prayers to you all.

  3. It is really great to see the boys looking so well. It is also very good that both of you have had a little less stress for a few days. We will continue to pray that it stays that way. David, I think that you gave Aiden a big surprise when he saw you. : ) Evan really looks relaxed cuddling his Mom.
    Sweet, precious boys. Blessings and Love to the four of you.
    Linda & Fred