Friday, August 7, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 8/7

The last 3 days have been a roller coaster. Evan’s breathing continued to worsen. With his poor breathing, his oxygen saturation was very low, and he had too much carbon dioxide in his blood. This morning, we arrived at the NICU at 8:00 to find Evan being placed back on the oscillating ventilator. This felt like we were taking three steps in the wrong direction. David and I left in tears to go to my doctor’s appointment. When we returned later in the morning, Evan was more stable on his new ventilator and his blood gases were much improved. He still has some haziness in his lungs, but seems much more comfortable. Aiden had a good day. He did have some episodes of desaturations, but overall has been pretty stable.

We spoke with Dr. Landers this afternoon. Evan had an echo for his heart this morning. His PDA is closed! What a relief. The boys also had brain ultrasounds yesterday. Aiden, who had previously had Grade 1 and Grade 2 hemorrhages, now has a completely normal reading. Dr. Landers had the results rechecked because she said this is impossible (it’s called a miracle). Evan, who previously had a clear reading, now had some areas that look a little abnormal. Dr. Landers said it is probably nothing to worry about, but it will be rechecked again in 2 weeks.

So, it continues. Problems solved and new problems arise. Please continue to pray for Evan and Aiden, especially Evan’s lungs, his new abnormal readings on his brain ultrasound, and that both boys’ PDAs will stay closed. We are so grateful for all of the prayers!


  1. Janel and David,
    Thank you so much for providing this blog so that we can keep up with your daily blessings! You and the boys are in our constant prayers.
    Mike, Kari, Allie and Jake

  2. Hi Janel and David,
    It's Heather, James and Liz's neighbor, I wanted to let you know we're reading the updates and praying for your sons.

  3. We are praying daily many times for your precious boys. Our hearts are there with you.
    We know that God is holding them in his hands protecting them, and helping them to grow stronger. Thanks so much for the daily info.
    Love and Prayers,
    Dana and Mark