Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Birthday Post

They boys turned one year old on Sunday!!! It was very hard for us to celebrate the scariest day of our lives. However, we could not be more pleased with the progress that Evan and Aiden have made over the past year. The boys got tons of presents and had a wonderful party with family and friends. We threw a "Barnyard Bash" for our little farmers.

Opening Presents

Mmmmm cake (really a muffin)





Cow cupcakes




Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun in the Sun

The army crawls continue with a little hand and knee crawling also. Next Sunday is the bit 0-1 for the boys (first birthday). We are so excited for their little party. This weekend, we got some fun time in the sun. We filled our puppy pool in the front yard and were quite the site. It's funny that once you have kids, you really don't care what people think or see. It was fun!

Both boys were "changed babies" after church this week.

Our pool time was fun. Yes, I got in too. It was a crowded pool!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Army Crawl

Evan and Aiden are officially on the move. They can now ooch forward in an army crawl. Aiden has it down a little better, but I think he is just a busier baby. Aiden went from belly to sitting all by himself today. I must say that I was surprised. Evan is 2 teeth ahead of Aiden and is working on his top teeth now. One baby teething is no fun, but two babies teething is just wrong!

The boys can both hold their bottles now, but prefer not to. They actually really, really like their solids. Their excitement shows when I get out the spoons. We tried some finger foods this week. The pincer grasp needs some work. We worked with puffs. They make it to the hand, but the thumb makes it to the mouth. I have also been giving them sippy cups once a day.

This past weekend, we had professional pictures taken for the first time for our church pictorial directory. Not so good. David and I jumped around like idiots trying to get the boys to smile. However, Evan was too busy pooping, and Aiden hated the flash. I'm glad it was a free sitting. Our amateur pics don't look so bad now.

Evan on the move.

Aiden on the move.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unexpected Trip

Wow! This past week was pretty crazy. We had to make an unexpected trip to Oklahoma for David's grandmother's funeral. The boys are not too into the 7 hour car rides. We also took our dogs for the first time instead of boarding them to save some money. Lets just say that 2 adults, 2 babies, 2 dogs, and a whole lot of stuff in a car makes a tight fit. But, we survived and had a good time visiting family and friends.

Handsome Evan

Aiden is just about to figure out the crawling.

We also went out to visit the Phelan's at their ranch. The boys really enjoyed seeing all of the animals.
David and Aiden looking at pigs.

Evan and I looking at the bunnies.

Baby lambs.


Evan in the walker at Nanny's house.

Our crazy dog, Dixie, trying to be like the cats & standing on the back of the rocker.