Sunday, November 14, 2010

Very Long Week

We have had a very long week. Last Sunday started out good with a trip to Temple to see my sister and her husband. They were in town for a wedding. We spent the rest of the evening in the Urgent Care Clinic with Aiden who was running a very high fever and had an ear infection. Evan did the same thing on Wednesday and also had an ear infection. Luckily, I was able to take him to the pediatrician. I'll just say that two sick babies is very tiring. They both wanted to be held, and my lap is only so big. They are both on 10 days of antibiotics, which makes for lots of poopy diapers!

The good news is that the boys are approved for Synagis again this year! Yeah!!! It took a lot of begging the insurance company and the pediatrician's office. I think they had forgotten what all the boys have been through, especially since they have been doing so well. They will go in every month and it will still be very expensive for us, but it's a lot better than a hospital stay!

Onto more interesting things....
They both say "Mama" and "Dadda"
They are both taking little steps here and there. No major walking yet.
They love balls and throw them all over the house.
They have gotten a little pickier when it comes to eating.

Riding the car that was not meant for two.

Looking out at mama.