Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The boys had visitors this weekend from Oklahoma. Nanny, Poppy, and Cousin Callie came down to spend some time with the boys. We had a great time. And, David and I got to go see the Body exhibit at the UT campus. What fun!! We also experienced some of our first accidents. Well, Evan experienced his first accidents. He burned his finger (quite badly) and fell off the couch. Despite a very worried Mommy, he is just fine. Aiden is getting into trouble as well. He likes to roll around and find all of the electrical cords to pull on and put in his mouth. I am constantly chasing him!!

Aiden hitting Evan. Poor Evan.

He knows better.

Evan sleeping in the exersaucer. He's not quite as enthused as Aiden.

Callie and the boys.

Aiden riding Poppy's horsey.

Nanny and Evan.

OMG! Molly really wants some attention.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day. We certainly did! We went to church and actually left the boys in the nursery for the first time. They did great.

We tried frozen bagels for the boys to chew on for teething. They really liked them. However, they only lasted about 30 minutes before they got soft enough for Evan's little teeth to bite off a piece.

Where were Aiden & Evan a year ago? NYC!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Another busy week in our household. Working part-time sure does make the weeks go by quickly. Our biggest challenge right now is dealing with the heat. It is very hard to get the boys out during the daytime. So, we keep them inside as much as possible during the middle of the day and go outside in the evenings. Evan had a doctor's appointment this week that went well. Aiden has decided that he absolutely hates his car seat and throws a fit every time we try to put him in it. I think the heat has a lot to do with that, as well. The food of the week was yogurt. The boys like it mixed with their fruit in the mornings.

Aiden and Evan are still sharing a crib. This week reassured us that we should continue to co-bed the boys. At night, we put them in their respective corners. About 15 minutes later, they have moved into the same corner. They like being close! Here are some positions we found this week.....

Aiden sucking Evan's toes.

Snuggle bugs.

Aiden prefers to sleep with a blanket over his head.

The boys are becoming more interactive with their toys every day. They love their toys!!!

Evan playing

Aiden discovered Molly.

Monday, June 7, 2010


The boys finally got some fun time outside this weekend. David hung the swing in the tree. The boys really like their swing. Luckily, no throw-up yet! Evan also got his first bruise outside of the NICU (he was a very bruised boy when he was born). He hit his head on the table yesterday while I was eating lunch and holding him. He has a little bruise on his forehead. One of the many, I'm sure.

The food of the week was avocado. The boys take after their mother on this one. It was not a keeper. I think it is the only food that the boys refused to swallow. So far, peaches have been the favorite. Aiden has also realized that spitting his food everywhere makes Mommy laugh. I know I shouldn't, but it is just too funny.

The swing

Evan in the swing.

Aiden in the swing.


Evan trying to stand.

Aiden standing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend visiting family and friends. The boys got lots of lovin'! Aiden and Evan got to go swimming for the first time and really enjoyed it for about 15 minutes. Less than 24 hours in Oklahoma and Poppy had killed a rattlesnake and an armadillo. Welcome to OK!! The ride back to Austin was absolutely miserable. Our boys were not happy to leave (or sit in the car for 8 hours).

Aiden, Callie, Carter, & Evan

The boys with Makayla and Kelsie (sitting in-between the boys)

Aiden is doing great with sitting up on his own!

Evan loved the water!