Monday, June 7, 2010


The boys finally got some fun time outside this weekend. David hung the swing in the tree. The boys really like their swing. Luckily, no throw-up yet! Evan also got his first bruise outside of the NICU (he was a very bruised boy when he was born). He hit his head on the table yesterday while I was eating lunch and holding him. He has a little bruise on his forehead. One of the many, I'm sure.

The food of the week was avocado. The boys take after their mother on this one. It was not a keeper. I think it is the only food that the boys refused to swallow. So far, peaches have been the favorite. Aiden has also realized that spitting his food everywhere makes Mommy laugh. I know I shouldn't, but it is just too funny.

The swing

Evan in the swing.

Aiden in the swing.


Evan trying to stand.

Aiden standing.

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