Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 8/19 with photos

The steroids are working! Evan has been doing continually better with his ventilation needs since Monday when he started dexamethasone. Currently he is doing well on only 32% oxygen, the lowest he’s been in a couple of weeks. We talked to Dr. Landers this afternoon and she said his response to the dexamethasone is exceeding expectations! Janel and I both just wanted to do a little dance when she gave us such good news – what a relief! Thank you to everyone for praying for Evan’s improved lung performance.

Aiden also has had some positive steps in the last few days. On Tuesday they removed his PICC line which they were using to give nutritional support. This is great news because the PICC line has a reasonable chance of causing infection when left in long term and, more importantly, it means Aiden is able to get all of his nutrition from Janel’s milk and the Prolacta they are mixing with it. One less tube/wire hooked up to Aiden! They said they might remove Evan’s PICC line in the next couple of days if he continues to tolerate his feedings. He threw up most of one of his feedings Sunday night so they are being a little more cautious with Evan.

To celebrate the good progress made in the last few days, here are a few pictures of the boys.

Evan 21 days old.

Aiden asleep at 21 days old.

Aiden’s a happy looking boy! (23 days)

And Evan’s a sad boy. (23 days)

Evan’s 25 day old foot.

Evan holding hands with Janel.

Aiden at 25 days old. He likes to put his arms up.

Evan doesn’t like the light too much and will start squinting when you remove too much of the incubator cover.


  1. So happy about all the progress!
    Debbie Stoll

  2. They are so precious!!! Love John & Tamra

  3. Fantastic news! Praise the Lord for prayers that are answered! Aiden and Evan are precious. Aiden is a happy looking boy. Evan's little hand in his Mom's hand is really a sweet picture. I do believe that Evan's little 25 day old foot is growing. : ) As always, our prayers and love are with you.
    Linda & Fred