Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 8/4

The boys had another good night and not much has changed on their status. We talked with Dr. Creswell today and found out that Evan’s kidneys are filtering out too much bicarbonate as a result of not being mature. They can compensate this by giving him more until his kidneys start working better. The result of this right now is that Dr. Creswell is going to keep Evan on his ventilator longer before trying to wean back to the nasal prong.

Yesterday we started doing skin-to-skin contact with the boys. Janel held Evan yesterday and David held Aiden and today we swapped so that we have both now held each of the boys. We got to hold them for about an hour and a half today. Here are some pictures of the holdings:

Here the respiratory therapist and nurse lift Evan off his bed and carry him to Janel.
Janel holding Evan to her chest.

Our first family photo! Janel is holding Evan and David is holding Aiden.

David holding Evan.

Janel holding Aiden.

And here are a couple more pictures of our little guys:

They took Aiden’s cap off to give him a bath (wipe down) so we got to see his dark hair for the first time.

Evan’s our little pirate with only one eye open.

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  1. You two are naturals! How exciting (and maybe a little scary?) to hold the boys. We are praying for continued improvements and more good news. Thank you so much for posting the blog....especially the pictures!
    Gayle and Mark