Friday, September 4, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 9/4

Oh my, almost an entire week has gone by and we have not posted a single updated to this blog. Here's a quick update with a promise for more details later...

Aiden is now on a nasal cannula instead of the CPAP, a very nice step forward for him. The functional difference is that the CPAP forced air into the nose under continuous pressure while the cannula just blows air freely into his nose. The best thing about it is that he no longer has to wear the bulky CPAP on his face, the cannula is a nice small tube that fits much better around his head.

In order to make sure we don't get too excited about being on a cannula, Aiden decided to let his bilirubin levels get high and as a result he look jaundice. This just came up yesterday and they are doing a handful of tests to try to figure out why this is happening. We'll report back as soon as we know something more.

Evan has continued to do well in his breathing. He has been on 30% to 40% oxygen all week which is good compared to where he came from. He has been up and down a lot though so he still needs some good growth to get him past his lung problems.

Speaking of growth, both boys are slowly growing, emphasis on slowly. They are still only about two and a half pounds and the doctors (and us) would really like to see better growth. I guess we just have to be patient.

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