Monday, September 21, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 9/21 with pictures and video

It’s been a good week in the NICU. The boys have had good steady growth and are up to 3 pounds 3 ounces each.

The biggest news this week is Evan was extubated Saturday afternoon. He had been on a ventilator for nearly two weeks so it is good to see him back on his nasal CPAP. I think he will be a much happier little boy without the vent tube stuck down his throat. Let’s pray that Evan is able to stay off the ventilator.

Aiden’s big news is that he has started to take a bottle this last week. He has not quit mastered feeding from a bottle though. He’s a natural at sucking on the nipple but hasn’t figured out just yet what to do with the milk. His little mouth gets full of milk and he ends up spitting most of it out. I bet he gets the hang of it here in the next week or two.

The doctors are going to do another round of tests on Aiden to see if his urinary tract infection has cleared up completely and if his liver enzymes have returned to normal levels on Monday. Aiden has been acting really well and does not look jaundice so we are optimistic that the tests are going to come back with good results.

Evan being held by Janel (9/6)
Janel with Aiden posing for a picture (9/6)

Evan with his Daddy (9/11)

Evan didn't like the vent tube at all but at least it gave him something to suck on all the time.

Aiden loves sucking on his pacifier. Here Janel flys it into Aiden's mouth.

The nurses take Evan for a visit with Mommy.

Aiden taking a look around.

Now that Evan is back on a CPAP, he can use a pacifier. He too loves them!

Aiden looks all tangeled up here when he decies to do his doggy dance!


  1. So much good news! How wonderful to see both the boys unvented, bulking up, and being held in the arms of their monther and father. Love and continued prayers coming your way, Gayle and Mark

  2. Praises and more praises! Prayers are being answered! Aiden and Evan are really growing. It is amazing what 3lbs 3oz. can do. They are a couple of busy, little boys.
    With all of the tubing and wires that they are enduring, Aiden and Evan appear to be saying, " We're a couple of tough, little dudes. Give me that pacifier." : ) Our prayers and love everyday, Linda & Fred

  3. The videos are amazing! Thanks for posting those. It's great to see them growing and moving. They've got that "tough Davis gene"! We're still praying for you all.