Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aiden and Evan 9/30

A lot has happened since the previous posting. Evan is now on a nasal canula just like his brother. He is requiring a little more oxygen than Aiden, but he is doing really well. Last week, the boys were doing a really good job of maintaining their body temperature. So… they got to wear clothes for the first time last Thursday!! The preemie clothes were still pretty big on them, so we rolled the sleeves and made a few other adjustments. Overall, they like wearing clothes. And, they just look so darn cute in them!

One of the biggest milestones this week is bottle feeding. Aiden and Evan have both taken all of their feedings by bottle several times. However, this is only true for about 1 feeding per day. The rest of the feedings are still given by tube feeding. The boys are getting about 1 ounce every three hours. It takes them at least 25 minutes to bottle feed this amount. We don’t want them to try any longer than that, or they will end up burning more calories trying to eat than they will get from their milk!

Aiden reached 4 pounds today, and Evan is just a few grams shy!!! This means that they graduated out of their incubators and into baby beds. This makes it so much easier to pick them up, change diapers, dress them, etc.

It has just been wonderful to see the boys progress so much in the last few weeks. We know that they still have a ways to go. Please continue the prayers. Pictures will be posted soon (in clothes)!


  1. Can't wait to see the boys in clothes! All this news is just wonderful and definitely an answer to prayer. Love, Gayle and Mark

  2. I am so glad the boys are gaining weight! I know there weren't very many preemie clothes in the box I sent. I remember Peggy Moore telling me that when Heather was born (3 months prematurely) that she bought doll clothes for her. She said they fit better and were less expensive. Debbie Stoll

  3. Wow!!! New blessings every day. We are so glad to hear all of this good news. Can hardly wait to hold them ourselves.:) Thank you both for keeping this log. We feel as though we have been there with you every step of the way. Lots of love - John and Tamra

  4. Mark and I are SO glad to hear that things are looking up. Baby wonderful!!!! Hopefully, the roller coaster will level out a bit for you. Heidi and Nate are also expecting twins. This must be the year for growing the Funkhouser family!
    Mark and Florence

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