Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aiden and Evan - 10/5 with pictures

The eye doctor did another check on the boys yesterday and gave us some bad news. Both of Aiden's eyes are showing signs of worsening retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and the doctor wants to do laser surgery on Aiden to try to help prevent retinal detachment. According to the eye doctor, if left untreated Aiden would have a 50-50 chance of retinal detachment, which would mean total blindness. With laser surgery the chances of Aiden keeping his sight increase by at least 15%. They are planning on doing the surgery this afternoon and it will be several weeks before we know the final result with regards to Aiden's vision. At best Aiden will probably lose some peripheral vision and be near sighted.

Evan's eyes are also showing some signs of ROP but not as severe yet. The boys are getting eye exams every five days or so to check the severity of the ROP. Hopefully Evan's will not progress as far as Aiden's has.

Otherwise the boys are really doing well. Now that they are out of their incubators and on cannulas we can really interact with them and do many of the normal baby care activities without having to have a nurse help us.

They continue to grow! They are both around 4lb, 4 oz.

Here are some pictures that we are long overdue on posting here.
Evan's foot next to his foot print taken when a week old. You can tell that the boys have already grown so much!

Evan in clothes for one of the first times.

Aiden in clothes for one of the first times.

Aiden and Evan in matching outfits.

One happy family.

Aiden looking cute.

The boys close together for the first time since birth.

Evan and Aiden together.

Aiden making funny faces.

Janel holding Evan.

Evan knows what it is all about...

And he likes it!

Aiden in his elephant shoes.


  1. Your boys are absolutely precious! I'm glad you all can tell them apart! We are praying for you all!

    Mark and Florence

  2. The boys just get cuter and cuter! We are praying for the best possible results from Aiden's eye surgery and God's protection of Evan's eyesight, too. And for the boys to continue to flourish without the development of any additional health issues. We are also praying for you two.....that you rest well, stay healthy through this long vigil, and that you take time for just the two of you. Stay strong! Love, Gayle and Mark