Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aiden and Evan 10/25 - with pictures

Sorry for not posting an update in a while. This one is long overdue.

The boys are really doing well. The eye doctor has been pleased with the progress of both boys and says the ROP is regressing. Evan gets his two weeks post surgery check up tomorrow so hopefully that will go well.

Evan seems to have done better recovering from the eye surgery and has been able to take a 5 oz weight lead over his brother Aiden. Evan currently weighs 5 lbs 15 oz and Aiden is at 5 lb 10 oz.

Aiden was weaned off his nasal canula on Tuesday of last week and has been able to keep it off so far. They tried Evan last week but he only made it about 10 minutes before his blood oxygen saturation started to fall off. He is now on a low flow (0.04 liter per minute) oxygen canula and has done well on it for the last week. If needed they can send him home on this amount of oxygen support but hopefully he will be able to shed his canula next time they try this week.
Both boys have started to take a bottle really well now. Evan was a natural from the beginning but Aiden took a while to get use to sucking, swallowing, and breathing. In the last few days however both boys have been able to feed exclusively from a bottle and no longer have feeding tubes down their noses. The boys have also been getting some practice nursing from mom and usually do pretty well.

Evan in his elephant shoes.
Evan smilling with milk drool.
Aiden taking a look around.
Evan and Aiden on momm'a lap.
Evan all bundled up.
Evan and Aiden back on momma's lap.


  1. Wow - they are really growing!! The are so precious. Keep up the good work mom and dad!
    Love the Phelans

  2. It's great to see them growing. What a couple of cuties! I can already imagine the mischief those two will get in to soon--I know you can't wait! We'll keep praying!

  3. The last picture here is so adorable. It's awesome that they're getting healthier, bigger, and stronger and that they're happy!

  4. That is about the cutest thing...look at those grins! love it!

  5. What a joy and blessing to see those precious smiling faces! They are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
    Love and Prayers

  6. It is great to them progressing! Both boys are looking great! Stay strong mom and dad!!!
    Becky Burt

  7. This is all wonderful news. The boys are so precious. I love when you post pictures. It sounds like it won't be long before they get to go home!!!
    Debbie Stoll

  8. What a long way these little guys have come! Love the photo of them with their arms linked….

    Prayers will continue with you (and grandma Mary) as the boys transition to being at home. I know Aiden and Evan are gonna get plenty of lovin’!

    Dana McElroy