Saturday, October 31, 2009

10/31 with Pictures

Happy Halloween!! We have big treats to report… David is at HOME with Aiden right now, and I am in the NICU with Evan, who is planned to go home on Monday. We found out this past Monday that the boys would most likely be ready for discharge by Friday. We “roomed in” Tuesday night and Wednesday night and brought little Aiden home on Thursday. Evan had an episode of apnea on Monday afternoon, so that pushed his discharge back to this Monday. We are really looking forward to bringing Evan home! What a great week! So, the boys are spending this Halloween apart. Luckily, we got pictures of them in their costumes before Aiden was discharged.
Happy Halloween!!

Mr. Aiden Fireman & Mr. Evan Policeman

Mom, Dad, and Aiden on our way home

Aiden on his way home.


  1. Mark and I are so pleased by the good report. :) I'm sure that you are looking forward to having both boys home tomorrow!

  2. It's so wonderful to hear how the boys are doing. They look adorable in their Halloween costumes! It's amazing how much they're growing. I hope you continue to update the blog even though they are at home. Still praying for you guys.

  3. That's so great! Now you start a whole new adventure! - Heidi

  4. You don't know me but I have been watching the progress of your little ones. I prayed for them daily as they had a big fight ahead of them. I am so happy to hear that they are going home. You have 2 tough little guys there!! I wish you all the best and years of happiness.