Monday, July 27, 2009

Janel’s Progress

Janel has done very well recovering from her c-section. The first night she was on enough pain medicine that most of the evening was a blur for her. Janel’s mother, Mary, and sister, RaChel’, arrived Saturday night from Oklahoma and provided much needed emotional support for Janel and me both. Around 10:30 that night the nurse showed Janel how to operate the breast pump. Even at such a young gestational age they will give the babies breast milk in the first couple of days as there truly is nothing better for them. It was a blessing that Janel was able to pump 5cc on her first try. I think it provided some comfort for Janel that she was able to provide breast milk, which really is the only thing she can do for the babies in a direct way at this point.

At four in the morning, the nurse came and helped Janel get up out of bed for the first time and clean her dressings. After that was done we got Janel into a wheel chair and we both went up to the NICU together to see our boys together for the first time. While it was somewhat overwhelming to see their small bodies hooked up to so much equipment, both Janel and I were comforted to see them. All twenty toes and twenty fingers were present and both Aiden and Evan were actively moving their legs and arms. Seeing them move reminds you that though they are small they are alive. And, though there are many scary obstacles to overcome in the next several months, there are so many things that are already right to be thankful for. Aiden and Evan truly are special gifts from God.
The following day, Janel continued to recover. Her IV and catheter was removed in the late afternoon and by the end of the day Janel was up walking around some without help. On Monday, Janel was feeling even better. She has been walking around all day without any problems and could probably be discharged if the doctors would let her. The breast pumping has continued to be successful. She was able to get nearly 30cc this morning and more than 35cc this afternoon.

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  1. What a blessing that you are both relying and trusting in God through this difficult time. Evan, Aiden, mom, and dad are in my prayers. Please let us know what else we can do!

    ~Loren Morris