Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aiden and Evan 7/29 Photos

A few more pictures of our tough little men…

Aiden at two days old with Janel’s hands. We are allowed to touch the boys some but have to be careful not to stimulate the babies too much. On the second day, Aiden and Evan were both under light.

Here is Evan at two days old. Notice that both Evan and Aiden have different breathing tubes than they had on day one. The orange tube going to the mouth is for their feeding and goes all the way down to the stomach.
Evan at three days old. Both boys are really looking better. Most of Evan’s bruising has diminished and the skin is looking thicker on both. According to the nurses, Evan actually had a little better skin than Aiden and that it was not as sensitive.

A closer look at Evan’s face. Evan’s eyes are still webbed shut at this point but should open up in several days. That's Janel’s hand, which helps put the size in perspective.

David’s hand next to Evan’s left foot. What cute little toes!

Aiden at three days old. He is still under the light but the nurses turned it off for a few minutes so they could take his eye cover off for us.

Here’s a close up of Aiden’s face. He has opened his eyes but usually keeps them closed. According to the nurse, the pigment in the eye that gives it color has not filled in yet.

Evan and Janel.

Aiden and Janel.

Janel and one of the nurses changing Aiden’s diaper. Both boys get agitated and move around a lot more when they are wet. Less than a minute later, Aiden had already wetted himself again!

Aiden is in the incubator on the left and Evan is on the right.

The money shot. This is one of the diapers that the boys are now wearing. At first they actually were wearing them like a normal baby would (see day one photos) but they stopped strapping them on because they rubbed their umbilical cord. They now just sit on one and use gauze padding to absorb their urine.


  1. Janel & David: The babies are so precious. Thanks for the update and pictures. We will check daily for your updates. We will keep you in our prayers. May God watch over you all. Tell Mary & RaChel to take care and have a safe trip back home. Betty & Judy

  2. Thanks so much for posting updates and pictures of you and your family. Mark and I have enlisted our small group to pray with us for you and your little ones.
    Mark and Florence

  3. Robbie and Dan lawsonJuly 31, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    Your baby boys are beautiful. We will be praying for the babies and for all your family. Thank you so much for the updates. We are members of the Devol First Baptist Church and that is how we got to hear about your family.