Monday, July 27, 2009

Aiden and Evan 7/27 photos

Here are a few photos that we have taken so far:

Here is Evan at one day old. He is under a bright light to help lower his bilirubin which his bruising is likely increasing.

And here is Aiden at one day old. The plastic that is over him is to help keep the humidity level next to his skin up. Both Aiden and Evan are inside incubators which help them regulate their body temperature.

Evan's little foot.


  1. Susan and Murray here,

    Murray and I want to congratulate you two on the birth of your boys!!! Our prayers are with the two of you and Aiden and Evan. Know that everyone is in our thoughts and prayers. We will continue to watch the progress of these little guys on your blog! Murray & Susan Booth

  2. Janel and David, you and your precious little boys are definitely in my prayers. May God give them strength and health and you comfort and patience. Much love to you all.
    Ashlee Ford

  3. Janel and David,
    Congratulations on your precious babies. I’m sorry this has to be such a stressful and scary time for you, but I know that God has the ability to take perfect care of Evan and Aiden. I will be praying for them daily. They are blessed to be in a great hospital and to have wonderful loving parents.
    Shanda Jackson

  4. Friends at Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee OK are praying for your boys, your health care providers, your peace of mind, energy and endurance.
    Nancy Cook-Senn (Mary's friend)

  5. David and Janel - Congratulations on the birth of your sons! They are precious and I know God will wrap them in his hands and keep them safe as they become stronger and grow! What a blessing you have received! I will pray that they get stronger every minute!
    Congratulations again!
    Jesse & Kim Quintero