Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy 2011! One of my resolutions for the new year is to be more positive ;)

So, I have realized that the last several posts on the blog have just been about how sick the boys have been. Here is an update on the positive things the boys are accomplishing:
  • Walking! After Christmas, the boys have taken off. Aiden has taken up to 14 steps at a time and Evan has taken 6 steps. They are still pretty unsteady. In fact, it is really a drunken walk. Evan forgets to bend his legs so it looks like he walks with braces on them.
  • Eating! It might have been the steroids for Aiden, but their appetites have grown (if it is something they like). They have been off a bottle completely since after Thanksgiving. Our goal was by their corrected 1 year birthday (Nov. 6). We were a little late, but that's okay. I'll give myself a little wiggle room with twins. I also stopped pumping breast milk the week after Thanksgiving, which makes 16 months of pumping!!
  • Talking! Their vocabulary hasn't increased anymore than "Mamma & Dadda". However, they are babbling and conversing with us and each other.
  • Ornery! They have started taking away toys from each other, eating each others Cheerios, etc.
They are so much fun!