Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

We haven't fallen off the face of the earth. However, we have been very busy! The boys are up and walking just about everywhere. They do realize that crawling is much faster (and safer), so they do still crawl quite a bit. Aiden has an appointment to see a pulmonologist at the end of the month. He had a chest x-ray that showed some reactive airways in his right lung.

We went to storytime at our library for the first time this week. The boys love books, so I thought it would be a good "organized activity" for them. They did okay. I think I just chased them around the library more than they listened to the story, but it's a great way for them to learn to sit still.

They still love going to daycare. I think we finally have a good routine down in the mornings.

At the park.

I finally "retired" the puppy shirts that were one of my favorites. They were well overdue! They were permanently stained and washed so many times they had lost some of their shape. I can't help but have those "favorites". Here are a few of my favorite clothes.......

The Infamous Puppy Shirts

The "Cowboy" and "Sheriff" shirts.
Because of Evan's reflux, he was always the "Cowboy" because it was white.

Then, he starting eating colored solid foods and changed to the "Sheriff".

The super-cute long sleeper that Aiden is wearing.
It was also a Cowboy onesie with a horse, barn and cowboy on it.
The feet were boots and it had "fringe" on the back.

Of course their OSU clothes! (Also Cowboy)

The micro-preemie shirts that had holes for the wires and tubes and big (but really small) elephant booties.


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