Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Boys

Baby Pump-led Weaning

If you are not familiar with baby-led weaning, it is a method of weaning a baby from milk onto solid foods by offering a wide range of solids for the baby to play with, explore, and taste. Our weaning process is going to be “pump-led”. You see, my breast pump is dying. So, the amount of milk I get really depends on the condition the pump is in that particular day. It has had a good life and been many places. In fact, it has followed me everywhere for the last 15 months! I am going to continue to “milk” it for all that it’s worth – literally!!

The good news is that the boys like cow’s milk. They are doing great with their sippy-cups. Aiden and Evan eat 3 meals per day and 1 or 2 snacks. They are down to 2 bottles per day (on a good day). Our goal is to totally be off the bottle by the time they are 1 year corrected age (Nov 6). We’ll see how that goes. I think Evan will have a more difficult time with it than Aiden. Evan laughs when he sees his bottles. Evan also has a big love for his blankie (a blanket from the NICU). He loves to hold it and suck his thumb when he is tired. When I give it to him at nap time, he giggles and rolls around on it. Aiden also likes blankets, especially at nap time and bedtime.

Aiden enjoyed his lunch!

So did Evan.

Love the candy-corn socks.

A day at the park.

We are just about finished making their Halloween costumes. Last year, the boys were a policeman and fireman. I bought their costumes at Build A Bear. Here are some pics:

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