Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We took the boys trick-or-treating to some of our church friends this evening. Their costumes were peanut butter and jelly. I also made hats that looked like the jar lids, but the boys would not wear them. They looked cute enough without them. We went to a Halloween party at David's work on Thursday (Aiden was PB and Evan was Jelly). This evening on real Halloween Evan was PB and Aiden was jelly.

Nanny and Poppy came and visited this week. The boys had a fun time with them! I was very glad that my mom was here to help me take the boys in for their 15 month check up. Here are their stats:
Evan- 19 pounds 10.5 oz - 28 inches tall
Aiden - 19 pounds 10 oz - 29 inches tall
Yes, Evan has surpassed Aiden in weight. I believe this is because Evan's reflux has gotten so much better.

Our Bible Study had a late surprise birthday party for David. It was fun!
Other BIG news is that Aiden took his first steps! He can take few little steps and then he gets scared. It won't be long before these boys are running around everywhere!

Happy Halloween

Happy late Birthday

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