Monday, February 15, 2010

First Trip

Yeah! We finally made it out of Austin for the first time in 7 months!! We ventured to Oklahoma this weekend to see family. Evan and Aiden had many firsts....
  • They met their cousins, Callie and Carter and their Uncle Quinton
  • They got to see their Aunt RaChel' again after a long time and their Nanny & Poppy
  • Also met the Phelans
  • First time to see snow
  • First time to sit in the car for 7 long hours at a time
  • First Valentine's Day
The boys did very well on the ride to Oklahoma, sleeping most of the way. However, the ride back to Austin was a different story. I think Evan wanted to stay! It was so nice to see family.

Carter & Aiden rocking together.

Uncle Grady with the boys.

Uncle Quinton gave Aiden a mohawk!

Aunt RaChel' with Evan.

Callie, Aiden, Carter, & Evan finally together!


  1. What a wonderful time Nanny had!!! It was such a short weekend!!

  2. Is that Grady Phelan? I saw his name on the Polyface Farm apprentice list and would love to find out how his year is going. When we lived in Hobart we went to First Presbyterian Church with (I think) his grandparents, Ralph and Jane Phelan.

    You guys are doing so well! It's great to see everyone's progress - and encouraging! I have to admit, I was getting a little superstitious around week 25, that my twins would follow in Evan and Aiden's (tiny) footsteps, but so far they're staying put - 6-10 weeks left!

    Heidi Funkhouser Farr (David's cousin)