Monday, September 27, 2010

Pajama Pants

The boys are half immunized for the flu. They each got ½ a dose of the vaccine and will get their next dose in a month. They each weighed about 19 pounds, 4 oz at the pediatrician’s office this week. David was gone to Lubbock for part of the week with work. So, it was just me and the boys.

I have been working diligently on word associations with the boys. I repeat “ball” when we play with balls, “bottle” when they take their bottles. Now, Aiden thinks that my name is “ball” and calls “ball” whenever he wants picked up or my attention. Both of the boys follow me around the house like little puppy dogs. They still love to play with each other. Aiden even made his way up the stairs one day following me. Therefore, we now have gates at the stairs.

We bought the boys some pajamas this weekend since it is getting cooler at night. They normally just sleep in a onesie, but their little legs have been getting cold. They will not stay covered up. So, we put the new jammies on them Saturday night. They HATE them. Evan threw a fit. They both cried and tugged at the sleeves. They were better by the morning.

Sunday, we took a trip to Six Flags in San Antonio. David’s company reserved the entire park for employees and their families. It was great – no lines! We didn’t get to ride many rides, but we still had a blast. However, we are reminded why we do not take long road trips. The boys just do not travel well in the car. And, it doesn’t help that we got stuck in I-35 traffic in downtown Austin for 40 minutes (on a Sunday morning)! I packed a lot of stuff for our day at the park (food, diapers, bottles, sippy cups, blankies, etc.). At the gate, we saw the sign for no outside food or drinks. I was very nervous, but smiled really big at the security guard (and hoped the boys were doing the same). We were relieved that he did not check our bag. I was not about to throw away the applesauce, bananas, breast milk, and cheerios and feed the boys ice cream and funnel cake all day. Thankfully, we had no troubles. It was a very fun day, and we had super tired boys that night.

Homemade sweet potatoes.. YumYum

Six Flags

New Jammies - They don't like the sleeves.

They were better by morning.

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