Monday, August 9, 2010

No Pictures ?!

Last week was crazy! We had our first round of sickness. It started on Monday night with Aiden running a low grade temperature and a really bad runny nose. Tuesday morning, Evan and Aiden both had a temp. By Tuesday afternoon, Aiden's was very high, so I called the pediatrician. This is the time when I'm constantly reminded that I have former preemies. The pediatrician wanted us to come in so that she could make sure their lungs were clear. If you remember, their lung disease was our biggest concern when the boys came home. That is why we were home-bound all winter and so cautious about sickness. Well, thankfully their lungs were clear. However, Aiden's blood count showed he did have a virus. We are so thankful that this is our first (outside of NICU) sickness.

David was busy with NI Week this past week, and I managed to get in a few days of work also. I have been asked to take over the patients in San Antonio and El Paso. It will require quite a few more hours. However, it will be nice to have more income!

Back to the boys - Aiden is everywhere and into everything. He is crawling very well now. He has discovered how to unplug my breast pump while I am pumping. He thinks it is very funny! Evan can get up on all fours and rock back and forth. From watching Aiden, we know that crawling is not too far away from Evan. Evan is super-attached to one of the blankets from the NICU. It is always in his hand, mouth, or under his head. We might have to start using that as bait for crawling.

We took the boys swimming yesterday at the Rolland's house. They loved it! We were in the pool with them for about 45 minutes, and they smiled the whole time.

Hopefully, we'll get some pictures this week.

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  1. Do you have outlet covers on all of the exposed electrical receptacles. If Aiden's figured out how to unplug things it won't be long until he's trying to plug things in!

    Glad to hear that the boy's are feeling better.