Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy Saturday = Lots of Pics

Lots of news from our household. We started off the week with a visit from Nanny and Poppy (Janel's parents). On Tuesday I (Janel) was offered a job, which I accepted. It will be part-time with a home nutrition infusion company. I am very excited about starting in a week or so.

The new food of the week was oatmeal. It went over well. The boys get better each day with eating.

This morning, we headed out early to participate in the March of Dimes 'March for Babies' . We felt right at home among all the strollers and babies that had NICU stories to tell. We added signage to the stroller as you can see....

Participating in events like this really makes us realize what miracles and blessings Evan and Aiden are in our lives. Many of the families were walking in honor of their children, much like us. However, there were also a lot of families that were walking in Memory of their babies that were not as fortunate. We are so proud of our little guys!

Then this afternoon, we attended Audric's first birthday party. They had a petting zoo and pony rides. While Aiden and Evan are not quite old enough to enjoy this yet, that did not stop us from taking pictures and placing them on the pony!

Evan and the baby goat.

Our family.

First pony ride.

The boys were pooped after this big day.
Tomorrow is another big day.... My first Mother's Day. I could not feel any more blessed right now and look forward to a Mother's Day spent with David, Aiden, and Evan. I have the best mother in the world!!! Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you!

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  1. You guys are wonderful to take the kids along on the March for Babies walk. Thank you so much for supporting the March of Dimes.
    BTW, your pictures are adorable, especially that sleepy little face! :o)