Monday, March 29, 2010


Evan and Aiden have had two big weekends in a row. March 20-21 we went to Oklahoma for a wedding, where we got snowed in a hotel room for a couple of days. We quickly learned that babies and hotel rooms are not a good combination! We did get to see some family and friends while we were in OK.

Then, yesterday the boys got baptized at church. This was their first time to go to church. We have waited until the end of RSV season and after the boys' last Synagis shots. The baptisms were beautiful. We are so grateful for our wonderful church family, and of course our real families that came down for the special day!

At home, after the Baptisms

The boys after church.

Aunt RaChel' and Cousin Callie playing with bubbles.


The boys playing with their puppy pillows. Thank you Uncle Gary & Aunt Judy!

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