Monday, January 18, 2010


Crying… We have heard quite a bit of it lately. Don’t get me wrong, Aiden and Evan are both very good, happy babies. But, just like all babies, they have their fussy moments. Evan has a very loud cry (you would never know he was on oxygen up until a month ago). He sticks out his bottom lip and pouts. Aiden has a soft whining cry. He does not have near the volume that Evan has. It is such a blessing to have babies that can cry! This probably sounds silly, but I think our experience gives us a different perspective of crying babies. I remember the first time I heard Aiden cry. I had opened the door to his incubator and thought I might have heard a cry. I wasn't sure. It was so soft and weak. Then, he made a little louder, stronger sound that I knew for sure was a cry. David and I were so happy! It was the first “real baby” thing we had experienced. Then, we waited weeks and weeks just yearning to hear Evan cry. He was on the ventilator for so long and could not cry with the tube down his throat. He had some good reasons to cry! One of the complications with Aiden’s heart surgery was possibly clipping the vocal chord. After Aiden’s surgery we waited about a week before we finally heard him cry again. Each day we went without a cry, we worried more and more that he just might not be able to do such an ordinary thing. It may sound silly, but we are so proud our boys can cry! We don’t always love it when they do cry, but we know the alternative. And… cries are not the only sounds they are making now. There are a lot of coo’s, ahh’s, and ooh’s in our house. We have a lot more smiles than cries.

Evan in his car seat.

Aiden - His shirt says it all!


  1. Your babies are so sweet Janel. Praise God they are crying! That's an aspect of babies that is definitely taken for granted, but it's a blessing that you two realize this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What wonderful pics! The boys are sure growing fast!